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2018-19 Empty Cell, Dead Friend, Bio Terrorism

this picks up right after 6 mo bounced between hotels and one mental ward after 

time line (overview) 
  • 2017 Cosmos  cat dies
  • 2017 4 types bugs found in st cloud apt one sprayed for by exterminator 
  • 8mo of bleeding in 2017 
  • 2018 Jan - move back in with parents my mom says I'm your landlord.. 
  • 2018 Jan-Feb mold pro confirmed, primary doc tells me to get away from mold, parents start 2 on one gaslighting. I follow to best of my ability the mold pros diy instructions, while doing IT work for parents on demand and trying to complete obligations to 3rd party agreements. 
  • April may, vet for my rabbits treats flea tick and mite recommends having house sprayed. environmental biting pest. 
  • 2018 Aug - my mom is attacking me I suggest hotel for a week or to to my dad because she had a pending surgery. 
  • they instead change lock code and mg police start telling me I don't live there anymore I can't file theft I gave them my things and variations
  • Nov 2018 mental ward and pro mold remediation Bonnie rabbit dies in Paul and Marlene Wuethrich's care so skinny that the vet says she will need syringe feeding and 10min later... 
  • Jan 2019 snow blows through car
  • Feb 2019 lease starts 
key points
  • lease was forced under threat to me being homeless and them keeping everything mine/I had moved in Jan 2018 (lock code at their house changed Aug 2018) 
  • police in maple Grove saw the basement with walls exposed from Nov 2018 mold remediation/removal
  • I reported several times to maple Grove pd my things are being destroyed and threatened
  • I reported to mg pd several times my mail was being opened, my name signed on docs and at least one check
  • I reported several tunes and ways that they claim to own me
this is the only post turning 18 place ever picked for me vs one I found. I was forced into this lease under duress and threat to destroy everything ever mine that what I believe to be an illegal 0 notice eviction had put my parents in control over

right before the lease started snow blew through the car. it had been in their attacked garage and the houses mold problem was confirmed by the expert to date back to finishing their basement in 01.

Clyde Joins Me at Hotels

end of nov start of dec 2018 

Bonnie had died and my dad made a remark about throwing Clyde in their clothes washer. 

Lease Forced, Car Sabotaged (Paul Wuethrich Blows)

Rather, right before moving /arriving at empt apt they picked, I go to get food from a maple grove hotel room to the parking lot, start car and snow blows through the vents

This car was usually parked in their attached garage to mold house of 18 years for 9 years. It  was a huge step up from my sable before the snow but if you add water to 9 years of accumulated mold spores; might as well be gas on a fire. 

Check Out (hotels)

this was like end of feb 2019

ill add more description. for now heres first pic at forced apt with my last friend. 
it was a -11 degree day my dad went 3hrs past checkout gives me not mold free car one key and clyde has pissed travel carrier. my dad threatened the night before that if the hotel upcharged i was basically going to starve the first month. he now even stole the ryobi stick vac i was using to clean the hotel room and the battery i need for my drill. but thats going to be a story bellow at some point

wet clyde no towel -11 one car key. wtf asshole? i called them off the hook 5min away... wouldnt answer. took clyde out of carrier drired him on my shirt. got arbies sat at petco till he was happy again and sitting on center console. at some point i looked up and clyde was looking positively thrilled with himself as a mom held up a little girl and was mouthing "look a bunnie!"

clyde was so amazing. he came into petco under my jacket (still damp cant leave him in -11...one key cant run car and leave car. once again fuck you mom and dad. fuck you so much . if you choke on your blood over the course of weeks... you've taken everything and want me to talk nice while you starve me. try to kill me and falsely report dv. both have laid hands on me in last 3 years in angetr. my mom 2x. 

the same is not true the other way around. mgpd never told me what an ofp was let alone (likely) noted she slammed a car door on my leg. when i managerd to get recorded calls about the fake dv report being her trying to push me ver a railing they said they might be liable for putting that on record. 

I fell asleep on the floor after taking this. about 6 hrs later someone was nibbling my fingers to tell me he needed food. I love you Clyde. This is so fucked up. I miss you so much. you and bonnie were such brilliant friends. you were so loyal and studious while being so warm and friendly. idk what to do with myself . you did not deserve this ending nor did bonnie. 

studious in a rabbit? actually yeah. other people noticed it too. I got them in 2007. hardly a moment passed where i would talk and his ears weren't pointed at me (at least one) bonnie and clyde used to sit in front of the entertainment center at previous apt with a group of people over they would hang out. one day someone asked, did you ever notice clyde always turns his ear when john talks? 

also something about bonnie and what he knew that i dont want to go into . 

only 3 times did I forget to give them food from 2007 to 2018-2019. every time i woke up with clyde either on my chest having hopped on bed or couch or nibbling on my fingers on the floor. not hard. just hey...wake up. 

clyders was also know as the magestic rabbit

i miss you so much clyde. 
he would also play chase. One day i wondered what would happen if i turned and ran... he sure as hell turned and ran after me. 

I wake up screaming their names. marlene and paul made sure i hardly saw them the last 3 years. 
hes been in my freeer for a year at this hell hole. or more i lost count. 

my dad will say he said he would pay for creamation...
then he would mention how he gets the ashes like how they still have bonnie despite her ashes being addressed to me via usps. 
or he would make it "call me the night before you want totake him and let me know then go in the morning and call me from the vet and i will gi ve them my payment info" 

while im stuck cleaning their car that took his ability to walk . 

basilcy hey i wanna make sure you drive around with your thawing friend. 

if the power goes out all bets are off. i really dont care about my life anymore. Ive been trying and trying tocompoensate for total terror by a laundry list of criminal acts and torts probably mgpd misconduct but total prejiduce enforcement bias. my mom tried to kill me "if we put that on record we might be liable"
aug 2018 8mo after moving in... lock change eviction 0 notice. 6mo hotels year and half pre ofp of mgpd not allowing me in the house my mom said she was my landlord unpaid services exchanged ..

all my stuff ... still... mgpd has been making me drive away from house all my valuables under lock and key in moldy car for a year and ahafle pre ofp for the crime of sitting in the culdisaq. no seriously... thats it. 


i said from start I was not equipt to remediate a car and it risked spreading it to this unit.
infact the garage they picked already had this hiding in one of the lockers. Its sorta the nature of the design of this building. the complex is 3 buildings and a center court yard. the parking lot on the outer perimeter features drive in double stall garages on one half 

heres a google photos gallery of that car before and after snow blew through it

this lease started a few months into Feb 2019. It was 6 mo into 5 hotels and a mental ward. bookings were mostly made for intervals a week or 2 weeks long so 5 hotels is not really doing it justice when  more often than not there was 2x a month moving between 2 hotels. Bonnie Rabbit died 3 months into that period. right after i signed a lease at a place they picked snow blew through the car that had been in their moldy house. /attached garage. 

of the money i managed to make in 2019 it all went to things like commercial floor blower/air mover which i then converted to hepa blower/dryer.

the original plan was I have to clean my stuff of their mold when ever they grace me with it. that was interrupted by remediate our mold from the car my mom drove to children's for the 9 years they owned it. as such the most organizational stuff i have is the 800usd worth of shelving in the garage. in the unit i have 2 normal ta able hight Walmart folding tables, one thats end table sized and sagging as a night stand by my bed. otherwise my pet since 2007 (and friend) clyde rabbit is in my freezer. despite being a good cook i have none of my kitchen things. 

heres a link to how i cooked living on my own between 2006-2018

the other side of that headliner. like jan 2020 an mgpd officer is telling me i live the life, while also standing between me and all of my property my parents seized changing the garage lock code Aug 2018. I show him this picture and explain once again, ive been forced to deal with this for over half a year. "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY"

xmas2019, invited down, find open garagedoor too good to be true, sit in car on public property

this was sent like may 2020, he wont respond to things even he sends unless he wants to. thats more mail from the vet bonnie and clyde used to see. my guess is he wanted to remind me of this in 2018 and that he still has bonnies ashes.
sometimes they claim they aren't doing anything others im a spoiled brat and deserve it, yet more i bring it on myself, insert destruction of person here. 

this has also created non stop tension from the start with the landlords at this complex. My garage was getting inspected like 2 months after i moved in. some of thats visible in the gallery linked above . it then turned into apt employed maintenance person spinning the lock while i yelled stop (realizing i had a box in front of the door) him busting the door open/blowing the box against the wall because in his head he smelled ozone. there was never any notice they intended to enter at any point before or after.

he runs across the garage to the ozone machine sitting unplugged on one of the shelving units i had bought hauled and set up.  all quicker than i could even stand up, phone in hand as he entered the door. 

the day before the Cheri (one of the landlords) had called me and said it gives someone a headache. during that covo she also admitted they use it in units that had been occupied by a smoker. despite the hypocracy i said not only will i not use it I will unplug it. The machine has a twist timer. I would usually turn it on and exit the garage with it pumping ozone into car. come back a few hrs later well after it was off/done. I said id unplug it as habit takes time to break.

the maintenance man busts in some how knows where the machine is and took a bunch of pics of off and unplugged machine while im yelling "GET THE FUCK OUT"

then im getting letters to vaycate the garage they will be changing the lock. 

this has been a non stop nightmare. 

I fought that by brainstorming with mns homeline. half of the garage was a commercial lease half residential. 2 stall garage usually sublet. homeline wagered that because they dont do commercial leases to non residents it probably wouldnt hold and therefore there was an expectation of privacy among other issues created. 

that and and email where i asked someone above Cheri "do you evacuate the building when you run your machine in smokers units?"

allowed me to negotiate out of lease no penalty guarantee natural ref in writing. except my parents were sitting on all my property, it takes money to move. mgpd was enforcing "you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out".... aka when parents decided then they would stop answering that plan fell through. 

this is largely why change of address was never filed though. also consider how much time this takes .

from the start of moving in I had repeatedly tried to emphasise 
  • i need a place to store clothes
  • i need my desk/a proper desk
  • i need my kitchen things
  • i need a place to file important documents
  • i preferably need my printer (i own 4) 
pretty basic to adult life things that i had since first living on my own in 2006 or bought after....still cant have them. 

2018 during the 6mo at hotels my mn care renewal packet went to my parents. who sat on it. then presented me with a form that if i had signed it would have given them power to act as me on my health care. "heres how you get your health care back"

2019 i sent text, emails and tried in every call 2 months before and 2 months after it should have arrived... requesting they forward it. instead they sent the cards. aka i have to call and figure out if they added themselves /what they filled out. 

Bonnie rabbits ashes were also addressed to me and sent usps during hotel stay period. amoung the mail still held. 

im now 4 months past notice to vaycate at end of lease. parents waited till 20 days before and filled ofps in Hennepin. despite fact that apt is in sterns/stcloud and car was broken. 

they are still sitting on almost everything i of mine of value. they invited me back in jan 2018 and changed garage code locking me out in Aug 2018. shortly after i began hearing from maple grove Minnesota police that "I just don't live there anymore", "you cant file theft you gave them all your things moving out" 

the ofps passed in my absence but sterns refused to serve them. maybe start of covid-19 maybe fact that 3 days after they passed my parents had driven 45 miles to call in a welfare check? maybe some combo? then after that like 4 days in a row driving up to sit in my parking lot. a second attempt to get a welfare check was met with a little resistance by an officer present for the first one. he reported through my door my dad hung up on him. this was also when i learned the ofps were inactive because in the police computer it was showing they weren't attempting to serve them. 

during this time at some point from car in apt parking lot my parents took my ID/DL and the remote for my garage door. I was unaware the remote was missing. I would be handed a bag containing it by a mgpd officer march 22, 2020 in between my Klutch 140si, custom built workstation PC, and ryobi compound miter saw walked out of my garage. my dad has since indicated via text message that he has them. I knew they had my ID during the run in with mgpd. 

all they cared about was activating the OFPs and assuring me (my parents told them) they give me a lot of money. try signing up for snap with out an id. on top of that at the previous encounter I was told its illegal to have driven down there with out my license on me...by the same officer that said "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY" . 

the only reason im not on the street is the covid 19 eviction ban. which presents an issue, with out knowing how long im going to be able to stay here, where do i have a new ID mailed? 

when this started it was 2017 I had good credit and the ability to sign a lease on my own. the 1200 worth of gear that grew legs from my garage, puts me in a rather impossible situation. with destroyed credit, 2 red marks on my background check (ofps) and now the first-ever eviction incipentnt... yeah im not likely to be able to rent. 

look for a job? 2 forms of id. also likely to burn a bridge when who knows where i will be next week and the reason its hard to get id replaced. on top of that the washer is broken. look for a job in 2 week to month old clothing with the above true. ...not happening. /likely/

of the 1st floor. They have no heat in the garages but do heat the hallway on first floor (duh). The unit im in is one garage over from the garage i rent but directly above said garages.

This design with no humidity or temp control and garage doors that open to the outside probably once a day at least means there is always an influx of moisture and humid air under the unit im in and through out the building. rule 1 of preventing mold growth is control humidity. Mold is one of the oldest things on this planet its also able survive "eating" just about anything including dust on metal or glass. (this is paraphrased from the epa site) the only way to limit or stop its growth in a building or in general is keeping humidity low. like us it needs food and water but as mentioned it doesnt need much for food and as for water, the humidity in the air is often sufficient.

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