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 this title might not be the best but the point isn't actually to illustrate where every dime has gone. What I want to point out is my parents frequently give a number that when I watch it over time their story changes all the time but it's usually embedded games within games period and it's usually way more than what they've actually given. What they've created or done is create the need to spend more than is required the need to pay anything and are poisoning me at the same time .

They will tell me and the police things like I have never worked before period which if you pay attention to detail and actually care to then changes to well he might have worked once or he hasn't worked enough. Which like the number is a change and has a meaning period but also what this boils down to is even without the mold. Hey I'm going to throw you in a random town of my choice and good luck period no you you didn't own anything you think you own anything no no no and by the way the last year and a half you've been bleeding yeah no hurting your credit what?

where is Marlene puts it while I was bleeding from the corners of the eyes 10 brick wounds up and down my extremities




They've also done things during the period since the legal lock change eviction like hold on to one of two forms of ID required or drive 45 minutes to steal it. I said without them mold earlier but that's what's driven the need for most of it other than the fact that hey we're going to pick a random apartment and put you in an empty period we're then going to lie every chance we get while making communications sporadic and possible but every time we can will promise you'll have something we took back but often going to not say it not acknowledge it again and intermittently we're going to come steal things from you while forcing labor on our mold problem created when you were in elementary school and now used like a bio weapon

Then we're going to fly again and officers like Rory Hansen on the Maple Grove forest are going to be executing terror for us if not you. You live quite the life your parents give you enough. And that's what this is really for . Note that some of the things shown below are things I should have 20 to 30 of in some cases but even if some of them have given back in other links you can see what condition they're in black mold and or aspergillus growing on them. there's a lot more photos of receipts and stuff but for over a year now I have had a pet who was technically a therapy companion animal but also a friend in my freezer a pet that I've had since 2007 that would still be alive if Maple Grove respected any of my rights.

And how that interrelates is to get those pictures from the first two months in this apartment I have to scroll back to him getting sick and him dying.

It's been 200 days of Corona now. I was isolated by incest abusers for 2 years before this started it is absolutely atrocious that Maple Grove or now St cloud covering Maple Grove would want to execute another emergency medical hold rather than uphold the law

My health is failing it would be failing anyone. even things that Maple Grove has heard my parents communicate are mine and Maple Grove has instructed I should get back specifically my bicycle it's been two summers now... at first it would have been instrumental to being able to even do the car I was forced to labor on despite noting from the beginning this is dangerous this will contaminate the living space especially without proper budget for protective gear or ability to change clothes before entering the living space . This is not something I'm qualified to do. This is not a good use of my time. If you transfer the title I will sell it scrap it whatever do not have to drive it.

I was literally laughed at by my dad then he said you think you can figure out buying or selling a car?

This is narcissistic personality disorder enforced abuse by the police period what he does is classified as infantilizing not only that but he knows he does it period comments like I stalked your kitchen with bibs.the kitchen is empty of stuff I have accumulated mostly with money earned although I shouldn't have to differentiate here because if you have never taken a piece of China that was gifted to you by your parents or accepted it you're probably a liar. But Rory Hansen January 2020 I'd call him officer and I sometimes still do but he really doesn't deserve me trying to put that title in front of his name every time. Rory tells me if you accept anything from your parents they're going to have some control. This was after informing him that I've been 3 days hungry. August 2018 is when they change the lock 8 months after I moved in period my mom said she was my landlord $6,300 of services I perform professionally in the past for pay for external entities to our family were rendered in that 8-month time. For it Maple Grove Police have deemed that my parents are deserve it to have threatened and destroy everything I ever worked for let alone was given by anybody period and then excuse multiple crimes afterwards

the welder below was purchased with a savings bond my grandmother left in my nameI made $2,000 and should have made more but literally had an offline site while I sat on likely an illegal emergency medical hold executed by police 3 months into lock change eviction at the 3rd hotel. I had worked all day quiet as a mouse not even playing music on my laptop because the internet connection was so slow at that hotel it did not support it and doing anything let alone trying to do it and work on a vps in Washington State.. also directly influenced pay because I did it support for that client's office as well and parts that I had purchased all of a sudden I have to reschedule meetings or didn't make one of them because I'm locked the f*** out period and yeah I'm mad about it go back and read the how many years versus 200 days of isolation. My dad's favorite game or actually I don't know that's me saying it now because the other thing they do is everything's judgable but especially languages offensive when you've committed crimes to ensure your son is poisoned and starved but no my language to them is God f*** this f*** why is this okay ?

Granted not all the prices are listed on things and you should pay attention to quantity if you look them up period if my computer wasn't stolen if my desk wasn't moldy I would probably do a better job than this at displaying it. What's not shown is mold control formula chromium at one point I had a pile of the bottles there's like 30 to $40 a bottle depending on the price on the day .. what I'm trying to illustrate is they didn't give enough to do the job they forced under threat to everything I ever earned and eat. I also had communicated this is incredibly stupid thing to pause the EPA indicates you have two days to dry out building material before you are going to have potentially a serious problem that should be an indicator of how quick it grows and most of these things or any expert will tell you if you treat it if it's a wet treatment you have to dry it right away. Okay disassemble an entire car in a garage without shelving in an apartment without any furniture without any comfort without anything in the kitchen do you see where I'm going with this? Do you see why my bike would have been instrumental? Cuz instead I've got caustic solution dripping from the catch on the sunroof to go get a meal after I try to take it all apart and driving to get the meal I already know I'm going to be hungry because that wasn't actually in the budget

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