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How I Normally Cook

bellow is a visual list of some of the dishes I made regularly over the years.

I wish I could cook anything at the moment. Paul and Marlene have made sure I have 3 folding tables covered I'n their mold. Disfigurment 3 years isolation a abuse malnitritiom and forced labor. 

All that's really I'm my kitchen at the moment is Clyde rabbit in the freezer 😣🤮

the food bellow is stuff I happened to find pics of on Google photos. 

Other words it's not everything I just thought and demonstrate with what I could that I used to be able to care for myself.


had a Halloween pumpkin carving party in 2015. Decided id try to bake something for the first time. At that apt i also made a vegan squash lasagna. Im not vegan i just go for variety 

I've never made it but if i eat out sushi at any reputable place it high on where im likely to do so 

Getting pet rabbits in 2007 was a huge part of eating balanced and healthy as well. 2x a week id usually alternate spring mix and a dark green like spinach, arguably, kale or a dark mix. I forget what it is but dark greens have (an acid maybe) that isnt great for our bioavailability of nutrients uncooked and too much of it isnt good for them either, but as with most things moderation and varsity hence the alteration. sometimes id cook the dark greens for me (as seen above with kale and garlic) but often id sit down next to the food dishes for Bonnie and Clyde and with my own hand full just much out on leaves. 


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