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How a mold problem became a bio-weapon & P&M Terrorize and Traumized


Bonnie had died, Paul Threatened to put Clyde in the washing machine. Bonnie trusted me every bit as much but was always a bit more timmid. Clyde ..i miss them so much. Clyde was ..fearless if i was around. or as much as a rabbit can be. i cant... what he must of felt in the end. Clyders im....if i could trade and have choked in 2004 finding my dad i would in a heart beat.  clyde should still be alive. im 

so back to ..

january ish 2019 Clyde is now a hotel Bunny and has been for some time. 

with the only real issue being one night a fire alarm. As I came back from getting food. of course the doors turned off (key card) , probably rounded the building as quick as I went from mall job to partkinglot the night of the st cloud mall stabbing. it was a false alarm.

 6 mo 5 hotels, 3 cities, hospital, mental ward, death of Bonnie and everything Paul and Marlene could do to make sure i couldnt have a moment, finish the work the client needed done when i left for a 2 week max get away mainly because marlene was chasing me around their hosuse and had a surgery. I had suggested "hey maybe it would be better for her recovery if," the form above is an example. they held my health care renewal packet then presented me with said form that would have given them control. 

oddly when i called mn care they had no record of anyone having requested it for my account... gee wonder where a nurse practitioner could find forms for health...ah. note there is a fax footer. I ripped that up and delt with MN care over the phone to get it fixed. then last year it was already clear the forced lease was over (due to having to clean the mold car) so i hadent signed the mail forwarding form. I did however start texting and emailing paul and marlene 2 mo before it should have arrived and 2 mo after. Im still not sure what they did but they claim to have sent me the cards at one point. aka opened it signed it... 

but at hotels...another thing is my vacuum goes missing. the ryobi stick vac i had bought to both have a clean room, clean car and have privacy. actually all the attachments were taken from the car by P&M then all the sudden the GM of the hotel is concerned im molding up his hotel. So concerned little birdies mentioned he might want to see me monday, the birds tweeted this on friday. so concerned right? odd how that happens right after the vac i bought ... fucking sickos

Im sure my dad had come in and said/done something. The gm up to that point had been sir this sir that. biz law and my own wit saved my ass. dude was obsessing about every spec. I had been taking my own trash out every other day borrowing the house keeping vac 2x a week. marlene anytime i turned around stole something from the room that was suposed to be mine and had no qualms about walking in with out knocking. /I really wasnt fond of having other people in anything i could define as my space. 

what fianly backed him off... insta tone change: i remembered it wasnt my first stay at that hotel. 

something like : i was here a month ago in room.... if this was seriously an issue i would think someone would have reported problems in that room by now no? boom instant tone change. still a bit of a prick but even his support staff looked at him like "hes got a pretty good point" and i was off the hook with dust a little for them so he could inspect later. 

he probably wasnt happy i had managed to get the owners number right before the visit either lol.

stay at the cambira if you want them to make you dust their room while you are human trafficked. 

sweet digs man. 

no but seriously if you come to this state keep enough to laugh a civil battle maybe embeded in your skin? you might end up human property when the police enforce a 0 notice lock out after your landlord house makes you sick and you preform 6k of labor in 8 mo for what should have been a market rate 132 to 150 usd a mo space. 

maybe its the SEIU - CTW - POLICE FEDERATION connection... 3 seiu locals in mn and paul was vp of one of them for a bout 25 years.. i cant say i know that plays a role but with that in mind its quite possible as it apears theres 3 PF locals as well so he might have some recognition/its not a huge list of people that high. Ive reached out to the maple grove mayor about what exactly you need to do or spend to claim ownership of everything someone owns and be immune to seemingly all criminal law while calming to own someone but the mayor of maple grove had no comment. 

Odd we let them unionize at all... iirc until they bring the street cars back? mpls known to beat union workers on strike? least they kept knees to themselves back then. yeah im done with polite. 

 idk ymmv but i would error on the side of avoid this god forsaken incest hell hole.  

also CC ski or snow shoe faster I hear you betcas and dueling banjos. Probably an oofda or two as well. dontca know? or if pauls around "I OWN YOU"

paul wuethrich putting the massa in union yes.

I asked P&M for them to back off just for a min at one point after Bonnie had died. My dad txts me a picture of the then opened usps parcel that contained her ashes. mail still held to this day. 

Onto The Car

It was a weird winter that year (snow way late) the polar vortex hit and we finally got snow the first big snow that stuck that winter. I went down to the hotel parking lot to get food, turn the car on and snow blows through the vents. 

which wasnt the easiest to capture but heres my attempt. even with 8 years of living in fargo nd i havent seen this happen before. 

I wasn't aware if that particular year and model had a cabin air filter. I knew that if it did it would be behind the glove box. The glove box drops down and is caught by two plastic tabs that limit its ability to swing any further. If you press in on them the glove box falls the rest of the way and if there's a filter there you will see it otherwise you can access the cabin blower

thinking I've never seen this before and not knowing if it had one or not I went to check for that and on opening the glove box it fell without pressing the tabs. Earlier on the phone he had said "how do you know that model has one" IIRC. 

In other words what's most likely is Paul forgot as well or with more foresight he could have realized I would probably checked there because narcissists commonly deny something will wanting their victim to know they have known they did it this is a form of terror in and of itself

Soon after (2 or 3 days) the car had gone from minor irritation but over all pretty good to full blow shit storm. 

Sun roof cover. 

much later I would find a decent explanation for the minor irritation 

plugged sun roof drain tubes. Nothing like that can be made to seal perfectly. to compensate they design a catch pan and have 2 drain tubes that often look like vents on each side and ahead of the front doors.

The water/snow was like fuel on a fire. All the sudden if i went anywhere there was a good chance i got back to the hotel bleeding or covered in blood.  

--------- need to rework below this line

From as far back as when I was in high school my mom's normal routine what's going to the basement before going to work 50 by 8 feet of wall was removed 1500 square feet of carpet and pad was removed this was not even a moderate mold problem this was a massive wild problem 9 years of dreading spores into that car and Paul makes snow blow through it's like pouring gasoline on a fire

Worst yet for reasons I'll describe elsewhere or maybe here in the future even before the lock change I had began preparing what I would need to move out without bringing their problem with me

You might note in a few places there's images of microscopic bugs things that look like specs without the literal microscope I used to take the picture of them

My rabbits vet only saw a reduction in the lesions on my rabbits when she treated for flea tick and mite despite scrapings coming up negative

It really hurts like hell to have to retell this alone without even having Bonnie's ashes their favorite toy with Clyde in my freezer I really really do not think I need a court order to counseling I need criminal flower respected so I don't die on the street because someone used me to fix their house to have 6390 services performed at a stolen felony about two times nasty fucks

I hate you if you're police that participated I hate you the same as I hate Paul and Marlene because this is not what I worked for this is not what I deserve this is not based on any evidence this is based on we we can't handle admitting when we did wrong so we take it out on him when the police help with that and there's no accountability for the police actions they are the criminals.

but not just the criminals the criminals who you spend your money to make sure you don't bring that toxic threat to life problem with you literal infestation and they make sure you don't have it anyway and you minus the money you tell someone they don't have what they work for and that they live as a fucking leper police shouldn't be accountable for every word but this is fucking Insanity I have every right to what I earned that they do and if they tell me I don't based on hearsay I should have every right to what's theirs because they are literally assisting taking my life

My Condolences to Officer Hanson


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