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2018 Moldy Renting

this section is about what was in 8043 lanewood Lane. The mold there spread to my apt when Cosmos cat died in 2017. It created the bleeding that caused the need to move back in. Need or not it was by invite if not demand. 

Once there Marlene Wuethrich stated "Im your landlord now until you can afford every penny of moving out" which ill cover else where as to why I think there may be grounds to determine there was in fact a landlord-tenant situation. 

 2018 picture inside The Moldy back wall of the house. My dad punched this Holden told me himself there was nothing in it concern. This was after 4 months of gaslighting the findings of the first mold Pro. So eventually I wandered down with a battery full enough to use my flash on my cell phone and this is what was inside the hole where nothing at all was.




this page details the work i did as per the hired mold pros suggestions. though they sometimes deny it to this day and at the time lied through their teeth demanding that instead i was delusional and there was no mold... its sort of a moot point as an argument because i have an email with the mold pro they paid to have it removed in Nov 2018. 

In another page ill show what I was actually doing other than mold during that time, both paid by 3rd party/contracted work and work on demand for the parties that owned the house. work that ive done professionally for pay in the past.

this is about what was there, suffering and work i did to protect all of (Bonnie and Clyde Rabbit included) lives health and property. 

When there had the house remediated in November it was 3 mo after they changed the garage code with no notice. Most of my stuff was transferred to the3rd garage stall and i still have little to none of it back today as Maple Grove PD and the State of MN /Hennepin County are standing in the way of me owning anything. or rather possessing anything i own...or even ending the damage to it. rule one of mold control is control humidity. that garage is not humidity controlled even without mold, most of  my property is tools for electronics repair and or IT consulting... ie moisture destroys it. 

a lot of whats typed bellow was on my phone via voice transcribe keyboard. aka i need to clean up a lot of nonsense it produced. 

some pics you will see here and through out this site are purple-blue, heres why:

these were freshly laundered clothes. I was getting yelled at and critiqued down to how i do my laundry. then Marlene Wuethrich went into my room, took clean pile off bed threw them on garage floor.  Note the ryobi compound miter saw they stole April 2020 is visible here. 
about a 30 dollar ozone machine.

this page is about the work I did on their basement. the work correcting Marlene and Paul's mistake playing general contractor finishing their basement in like 98 to 2002. I generally refer to it as 2001 for ease of reference. I was in eighth grade when the carpet went in and that was 9 out of 11 reasons to remember.

There was also a torrential rain around 2016. And it's soaked a ton of the carpet in my high school bedroom which ended up getting pulled out then but all the way along the back wall got wet. The thing is that wall in 2014 when I was supposed to only be there a month and then they said I'm too crazy to leave and it turned into six months before I was able to make it to St Cloud the first time that wall gave me problems.

I have chat logs where I mentioned two friends that it feels like something is flying out of the four gang outlet box and it's worse when the baseboard heat is on. Convective air currents from the baseboard heater at the bottom of the wall inside the wall are likely what drove the mold out through the outlet box. My parents will often say I won't go to the doctor it's my fault I'm suffering and I won't get allergy tested. They had aspergillus and the big bad black mold. Both of those well more so aspergillus can be pathologic or invasive the black mold is not just an allergy it can produce serious toxins. 

More so to the point  96 or 97 with strep throat was the last time I got the only pink stuff before I could swallow pills. I got hives real bad. My mom was the one who determined I have an amoxicillin allergy. Or rather a penicillin allergy. I'm sure the fair lady with a masters in nursing understands what that is. For those who don't antibiotics especially the ceilings are mold. We discovered penicillin growing on bread. Maybe they technically classified as a fungus but mold is a subset of fungus. Or in other words the species of fungus has a family called mold if I remember biology terms correctly. Set theory was one of the most useful things I ever learned. More sold for mental order and the ability to describe things than actual application but nonetheless. 

Before moving back to their house in 2014 I had also been I think 2012 (whenever Hurricane Sandy was) on a volunteering trip from Fargo North Dakota to Washington DC. It was a bus trip with the group known as stlf students today leaders for life. In New York we stopped and our volunteer activity there was putting on respirators and Tyvek and cleaning out a house that was hit by Hurricane Sandy. Part of the reason I eventually suspected mold in their basement was one of the smells that I got when I bumped my respirator cleaning that fuzzy fuzzy house. Actually that was less cleaning then gutting.

I mentioned heavy rain in 2016. But in November 2018 when they would finally get the mold dealt with they also had to have the deck removed from the opposite side of the back wall of the house. This was already passed when my dad had started saying things like I need control cuz I want control and I own you and threatened to put fired in the clothes washing machine. So I don't know for sure why the deck came off because I don't trust a damn thing he says. At one point he was trying everything he could to piss me off while I'm heading Clyde rabbit and literally admitted he is valuing himself against me then turning and saying he's my dad he's never hurt me but to the extent I'm putting Clyde rabbit and you comes up and do you know why I'm better than you and I say no. I don't lose my cool. Something clicked in my head and I realized hey there's a wicker brush next to the antique table in the living room I have a feeling she thinks she decides what's real and not real and he cares about objects more than people so slap the Wicker brush on the table in the living room like less than 60 seconds after he doesn't lose his cool he's crossed the space and shoved me across the room.

But I'm trying to get to the point on the deck. The retaining wall sits 5 ft from the edge of where that deck used to be. I have a feeling that it was deeply eroded and or pitted up against the house for probably 10 or 15 years. In other words my best. Is the grading was wrong under the deck. I think the deck probably came off because there was no way to fix it with the proximity to the five foot high retaining wall. At least with the deck in place there wouldn't have been a good way to get dirt and or gravel under there. In the pictures I'll show later this is kind of supported because the wall in the basement living room look for the flags on it and that would be after the deck than the chimney are the flags if you are on the other side of the wall. When you see the pictures you'll note that that's where the damage stopped.

So now we're almost to the work I tried to do in 2018 to have a place to finish my contract at work. I also did work I should have made $150 for my mom told me that she was my landlord when I move back in so I could invoice but that's probably better as rent was paid with services. Maybe a judge won't see it that way but what's really sick if that's the case is the state of Minnesota will literally let parents get away with murder of their adult children slave labor and anything goes if you're the parent take it out on your kid. I paid attention in business law and I've explained elsewhere why I think due to contract law and other Concepts learned that there was likely a tenancy. I've already been all over topics here though

 asklast relevant side topic is aspergillus is a known threat to hospitals and the immunocompromised

My mom Marlene Dietrich has been able to get me declared delusional for something actually there which isn't the actual diagnosis which might not even exist because when I ask for my records They never sent the release or I didn't get it it was hectic I'm not sure I gave the right address cuz it was right when I finally had a stable address pointers I tried pointers Maple Grove PD and now Hennepin County have been enabling two people who committed the stage that endangered the lives of others buy a my mom's position at Children's in St Paul endangered all of our property still in danger is my property and my life. Took off credit and credibility from me and is about to leave me homeless. Homeless after three years of needless suffering lies gaslighting and two people set to try to make me an infant for their mistakes. This isn't the site problem when law after law after law is ignored when they violate it when constitutional rights are ignored when common sense like hey I used to be able to cook really well and haven't lived there for more than six months between two thousand six and 2018 continuously I probably had quite a few things I was doing on my own and all of that has been on hold because Maple Grove PD put them in charge of everything mine without legal Tristian dealership and probably created and enforced illegal lockout but I'll try to get to the topic that this page is supposed to discuss so keep scrolling and you'll see more pictures of the time..

Part of what I blew out after working in the basement. I went to West health in Plymouth my dad drove me there. Got me front-of-the-line triage and chest x-. I wanted to ask about sinus cavity and probably should have considering what I'm blowing as of late. The mold was confirmed for months when I blew this out.

bottem left doesn't count/was a year later. 


Yes that's hair bleach it's also like 12% hydrogen peroxide. I knew about this because sometime before I have made cupric chloride from pool acid hair bleach in scrap copper. I was spraying these down to prevent sores from spreading when they were removed from the house. I had given them a heavy spray while they were on the wall but walking up stairs with them I figured it should be more substantial. Plus on the wall you can only get one side of them consistently. This was the mold Pros advice usually there be a HEPA exhaust system. Usually there be containment in the form of at least plastic over the basement door. I was running ghetto hepas though

 from the top left is a dehumidifier then gheto HEPA. 25 x 20 x 5 Merv 13 furnace filter. deep pleated. Attach to a box fan which is an axial fan and the reason to 5 inch deep filter is required. It would be a lot easier if they stock 20 x 20 5 inch deep Merv 13 it's almost like they realize that's size of a box fan. Axial fans don't deal well with static pressure which is what a filter puts on it. 5 inch deep variety has a lot more holes due to the surface area in the pleats. I'd estimate did not the 2000 CFM of the fan down to about 1,000 but you won't burn out your fan And it moves quite a bit of air. I've tried it with the 3 inch deep in the fan only lasted a month. It's a $50 solution though it's 30 if you already have the fan . something to deal with the 5in of filter / adapt the fan to the filter and tape. If Marlene and Paul are showing anyone the air capture they had done... 

It should be known that after pulling the trim I did a lot of painting with Kilz mold killing primer two dehumidifiers were running my ghetto filters have been running about a month and probably up to the time that the guy arrived for the air capture I wasn't present for it. For those in legal context there's something wrong with their ear capture as well no outside capture was done but it's still if you take it for what it is was 170 sport short on aspergillus for a the professionally recommended to deal with problem. My dad had also sealed air space in the ceiling from the general basement by replacing drooping plastic light fixture covers with sheets of glass and that really should have told me something was up 

but they kept me so revved up there so running around with my head cut off puts the lotion on its skin or we kill it anyway again.

Regardless that are capture was done in this room that I did the majority of the work on and well after. Biggest problems I had in that room where when baseboard heat was on and you look at other pictures on other posts the wall that the baseboard heat was on was the worst wall in other words I was probably right about convection driving air currents in the wall Vaya the baseboard heater transferring heat through the wall because it's mounted to the wall but let's just be thorough here.

I was doing this one for the safety of my rabbit stew for the safety of all of us cuz they were ignoring what small dry pound but calling the cops anytime they farted.

Regardless they didn't just get a lot of tech work done for free they got the start of the remediation by son labor. My mom was also saying because one part of a project she couldn't name the title of wasn't proven to work yet I must have made it all up cuz I like the technical ability even though the mold has been proven the bug said been proven. So I needed a place to get that working other than the floor and then it didn't matter because she just started throwing away part someone else paid for hiding them don't threaten to push me down the stairs and a few weeks later actually this goes to like July but since you're trying to push me over the railing I step backwards find my back at the railing she still pushing when I walked us to a corner so I could duck around when I let go so I could end the threat to life and no one had to even feel pain well I catch her wrists that she's pushing me and out of her mouth comes you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out Paul call the police. I'd say fuck you Mom but last time I did you made it into an excuse to put your sex life on me while you were yelling at me for leaving once a week and telling me I was delusional and you'll get me medicated or you'll put me in the car and drop me under a bridge in Minneapolis and basically did in St Cloud you took all-purpose from life you took all of my accomplishments. You took my ability to mourn my losses of my rabbits and made worthless the work that I did through the loss of Cosmos.


My mom pushed open the bathroom door and stood there insisting there was absolutely nothing on my hand and she will have me medicated for my delusions. This got me front of the line at west health and a chest x-ray. My dad drove me. To this day they will repeatedly both insist its my fault im suffering because i wont go to a doctor. that was probably the 4th he drove me to. 

my mom as an np knows about horses and zebras. (esoteric bits) and also knows repeatedly going to more and more doctors = drug-seeking or nuts. esp when you haven't followed the instructions of your primary: "get away from the mold"


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