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Legislative Reform

Some of this is protecting NPD/aspd victims sans gender bias programs other parts just observations on systems and potential corrections or improvements 

Where are the Modern Politicians?

This is more an idea than a reform but I think its related. Since comment sections died and social networks censor we risk a lock in with old mediation like tv telling us what both sides of the issue are. thats not really democratic /freedom/anything along those lines but it might fool you if you dont look closely.

where are politicians trying to interact with and take ideas from their constituents? seems with the media and mostly dichotomy you get 3 brands of ketchup 3 of mustard. would you like to vote for potayto or pototo? i hate you if you chose the wrong one. 

worse yet how much does it actually change? even trump ... couldnt follow it close enough but thing about not following? nothing changed. (relative to my life. cant speek for others) yet im now hearing how darastic everything was blah blah was he a 20% divination or a 15?we can probably spend the 1st year until joe steps down debating 5% on cnn fox and the onion

we need to break this stagnation. where are the politicians utilizing what the internet enables? as far as making the peaceful democratic or representative process more interactive and intune?

No seriously where the fuck are they? Obama had a blackberry and a Trump  had Twitter? Nice viral clip of dunking donuts in milk well Trump tries not to fall asleep with covfefe?

I don't think it would work at the presidential level but the state level or even the national Senate and House although probably be the house if I remember right...

our elected leaders especially at the local level could use things as simple as Google forms or WordPress with a plug-in

Have an open submission or give them categories, multiple versions of parts of bills. you dont have to follow the pop vote but ... do do not do in between... conversation is whats needed. engagement is whats needed. Make an intern nice and happy. Have them go over what your voters wanted different in law compile some of the similar. Revote on it or ask for people to refine.

Easy way to filter out China and Russia or anyone else who would attempt to legalize cow tipping in Minnesota?... All you have to do is small scale public location intern with paper ballets or smart phone seeing if anyone who turns up is on the same page. again you dont have to implement the voted on things either. 

another way to help secure it? fund rasing events give out or project /display a unique to the event code or have any system to accept donations generate one. little more complex but still trivial and cheap. then allow your supporters to hit your site with the code and create an account to have input or opinion guidence votes/ submissions etc.

but if you just do a cursery check of if it matches up with what you got online.... and you don't have to do anything with it anyway but you might actually be popular if you did.

you might be popular a lot of ways. We have enough of that though.

 all too often it seems  too few brain cells define the popular and unending unchanging little bit wavering same issues or really shity changes that make half the population happy... or not really happy but like maybe 30% of them happy and the other 20 or like it sounds iffy but it probably works better for me(their favor) and we get this de cohesion and the shitstorm

Until Rory Hanson is helping destroy everything you work for but you're good at seo so that's how you fight it.😂 Just kidding I'm only half decent at it and blogger is a fucking turd.

But now that the year has passed I can say the year again it's 2021. The system or we elect representatives and let them go all out at it made sense back before the internet

It would cost a lot or always be one way.

telephone Banks kind of change that but it's not really the same thing. Keyboards monitors and to a lesser extent touchscreens are really great at sorting and organizing information or writing your ideas and passing them around.

We should see interactive lawmakers

what the internet should be good at and can be good at it's been demonstrated is you can have conversations with the masses. You see that thing at the bottom of this page? All the big media players turned it off but that dinosaur down there you can make this a two-way conversation if you desire.

do you know what this site costs?

The domain is $12 a year the actual hosting is done by Google. it's free it'll stay up even if I let the name expire.

I would like to see a call to action on this I think it would also stand is the way to weed out who is entirely bought and sold by corp interests.

What they told us was grassroots is like grassroots when Levar was playing kunta

people that are engaged if anything are likely to give better approval ratings that looks of how much you act on them.

Anybody going to step up?

Google forms, WordPress forum plugins

An oldie but a goodie PHP bulletin board. You can probably have your constituents do some of the organizing for you. By delegating positions to manage it.

 there's all kinds of quizlets on different sites and customizable ones this is just top of my head 

I had to write this down I was going to call it quits for the night

and of course this isn't to say you as the elected leader or as a politicianwould have to do anything with the info you collected. Nothing would force you to act on what the people said. But maybe even if you're that sort of me me me and it has to be yours maybe it's guides you in the right direction or inspires you for your own personal turd in house or Senate.

Wow I might be a bit disenfranchised. Anyone want to buy a franchise of Deadman? There's a donate link up top 😂

Past Definitions Of what Law is for in a free society.

 it has also been said that the purpose of law over a free people in a Democratic republic is to protect individuality. I don't see Minnesota doing that. If you don't think that matters or if you think school is okay and get the grades are you deserve what you get I left ask you to consider something: did Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla finish at the top of their classes for electrical engineering? Kind of a trick question.Tesla have the correct for the time and pretty much to this day still the best ideas he also died in poverty mean while general electric is Edison's company. As it applies to the survival of a state though the more we could criminalize or make it easy to turn people into criminals well we can't really expect to export policing can we?

Police Need an Order of Operations like PEMDAS

it has come to my attention the state and of departments might be making money off busting ofp violations and certainly are off drug busts and civil asset forfeiture even with out charging anyone with a crime. it was just reported mn police are somewhat nutorious for hey thats my $50. thankfully i havent run into this, they just allow a 3rd party to human traffic me steal felony amounts repeatedly and destroy 43k of ... i digress.

layer that with the "bullet proof" or what ever aggression training / warrior training has been the norm in mn and we get hard core privateers that demand respect for hurting people as often as someone who got in it because they wanted to help people. theres also the mob mentality/ strongest asshanson tends to lead. theres some talk at the moment that this is why mpls wants to get rid of the department. the culture of this and promoting that is too en grained. 

People & LIFE First. 

Know what is usually the most dangerous job in the us?

electric lines person. . that might be uh...shocking? for some non US readers but last i checked it usually led fatalities with one between it and police in the US. They dont even use electricity to drop people like the police. It is likely to drop them trying to keep yours on.  Kinda like how astronauts know the risks climbing on a giant hopefully not bomb... Cops should aim to NEVER kill even if at risk themselves. Its going to happen anyway the point is minimizing it. 

I think we should probably go back to letting some people get away some times. I witnessed 2 kids tepeeing a house tased as they tried to flea. actually i rounded a corner found a random garage party stepped in and pulled the door shut. as i did this the running after "STOP POLICE" passed perpendicular to the left I took. I was so close the WUIR of the stun gun wire and probes is still vivid in my mind and so is the sound of the probably 16-22 year  old hitting the ground like a sack of flour. I had passed them going the other way in an alley. I had noted the roll of toilet paper. Im not actually sure if thats all they were wanted for but for the point above lets assume it is. That sucks for the home owner but a fall from head hight can be fatal. Stun guns can cause cardiac arrest even in healthy people. they might find out they have an underlying condition or rather not realize it as they end up dead anyway. 

but why life first? in order of aplication? whats a cop who intent or otherwise kills a 16 year old for putting some tp in a tree or on a house? thats not a peace officer other than the teenager is resting in peace. 

Punishment is suposed to fit the crime. that cant happen when people never see trial. 

For a while i was turning over the question of if #1 priority should be protect every citizens life 

Then it hit me. A lesson written in a lot of human blood is it has to be or we back slide. It should probably read human life. I've traveled abroad 3x and granted this was countries of similar society economic status but even with out speaking the language my encounters with police in Europe were clicks ahead of the average experience here. Im not saying treat a st cloud mall stabber with kid gloves and ask her/him/Apache to please stop stabbing. I mean peace officer first take out the jihaudist as necessary. 

It was funny in a way. I lost a friend due to a wicked concussion but shortly before the mall attack she was asking if she should be worried about traveling to America. specifically worried about terrorist attacks. I told her something like the odds any one person will be in one.. life can be twisted some times. I digress. 

We have to protect life first. Justice comes from a trial not one person with a badge also playing judge jury and executioner. 

The concept is part of separation of powers. outright vengeance is not supposed to rule a sentence. Police or anyone attempting to stop the bad girl or guy should not be issuing death sentences if at all avoidable. its not fair to the families of causalities or wronged. its also easy to overdo things in the heat of the moment. fight or flight is a real thing and so is what the body shoots into the blood. its a state meant to give as much power as scotty can push from your bio reactor and that doesnt really make for metered application of sentence.. 

theres kind of a tie in to doctors and nps here to. Medical ethics teaches you dont diagnose family members friends or loved ones. Emotion clouds judgment. not directly the same but a transferable point if the aim is justice through trial and or with the desires of the victims or victims families in mind. 

theres also a way it could go way wrong. heres fringe but not implausible:
say someones stabbing people at a mall. shoot to kill and its done right?
What if unknown to you their family is being held> Stab x people or their two sisters get it. fill in who ever you want there. 

what happens if a trained professional just pops him in the head? well it might seem we ended the attack. it might seem to stay that way for ever or for a while. but not only were 3 bodies generated. the socieopath that orcistrated that would still be on the loose with out police the wiser. 

not everything is as it seems. at the moment. thats probably most true with cops lmao. they say nasa is never a straight answer but MGPD seems to be talking squiggles ught calling this tangent might be a bit much. 

im not sure how much training goes into shooting to disable rather than kill but that should probably be mandatory and a reason to pass up would be hires. 

idealy with things like domestics what they should be reaching for is patients to act as an arbitrator and the cool uniform of conflict resolution not handcuffs while your wealth is destroyed over petty fights and you are now one step from criminal. 

What ever is Decided with Police there need to be external Reviews & Audits. Let this org handle complaints.

it needs to have the power to step in and stop reoccurring actions as well. DOJ might do this to an extent. ideally, it should be somewhat automatic as well. conflict of intrest is currently a big issue as far as i can see. in mn they warn you to geet a lawyer to file a misconduct report. 

if the same department its against finds itself innocent (gee why would they do that?( they can bring criminal charges against he or she who complained (if i understand correctly, might be civil. its been a while) 

There need to be consequences for police bullying, breaking the law past whats necessary and especially for excessive force or theft/privateer on the job. but simply laying out punishment on paper and hopefully strict enough where it deters it is only PR to propoganda or at best good intention. it needs to be caught and delt with. This could potentially also reduce payouts as people wouldnt be in a situation like i am where police admit they might have screwed up. (other police have mentioned some potential issues to me as well) but instead of reversing they seem to have doubled down on enforcing harm. 

Propaganda Bait and Switch PR.

Minnesota has a human rights bill. actually Minnesota has what it calls a human rights bill but i cant see it explicitly protects any protected class or otherwise from discrimination by enforcement arms of the law. 

which is kind of serious because landlord to employer gets discriminatory to criminal and or abusive. a civil suit is kinda hard from the street. esp if police put you there unlawful and in violation of the states claims of protecting most but certain demographics more...in the name of human rights. Orwell must be doing 10,000 rpm in his grave.. its more accurately an anti discrimination bill thats discriminatory in who cant be discriminated against. got that? its supposed to be nuts. 

Up to me Human rights would look like this as a shortlist:

no one on the street with out 45 days written notice, notarized then sent via registered mail or delivered via serif 

police agencies obligated to put 911 or non emergencies calls in a database with the generated body cam footage and officer report

external audits and complaint mechanisms that have the power to at least temporary halt police actions.

any lawmaker that suggests the state should participate in programs that base police activity on targeting immutable features of demographics with financial incentive for state or locality should be tired for treason.  

if sci/med sci recognizes a concept with out much contest to the if, regardless of the how much that should be applied to law with the alluded current priory of protecting ability to stay alive and disease free, mental illness free. at the moment sci has known for quite some time things like trauma are as likely to cause productivity loss and even brain damage as any drug. it also knows that trauma is linked with addiction. yet in the quest to protect empowered women from the boogie man and everyone from the symbol for abuse police may end up endangering lives and traumatizing with no accountability for their actions. worse yet if you cant deal with police enforced 0 notice eviction and subsequent felony level theft from former "landlord" civil law can be used to lock you up as a mental patient. if you dont think even one theft of 1k is enough to set most young adults way back or that suddenly not having transport could cost a job, what world do you live in? 

Furthermore MN law leaves black holes. If police can act unlawfully yet you have to obey its bad enough. mn law leaves an exceptional number of things undefined or esoterically defined. Summer of 2006 i was alone in paris walking by the Milan Rouge. A Middle eastern man playing hustler got the better of me and I end up in a strip club. He followed quite a few steps when i initially passed the door and had started on the other side with the hustle. long story short the actual price list was something one was shown at the register after and orders of magnitude different than what the man at the door virtually grabbing your arm while promising free drinks and a different set of prices had to say. They got about 80 euros from me and the rest went on a visa card. I hoped to get out of there with initially something along the lines of "get fucked" but then found they anticipate that as a larger fellow and the smaller one outside position themselves behind the swindled. I then offered a haggle having realized i have more than one bank card with me and a credit card as well.the haggle was "do you take visa" they took visa with an 80 cash euro surcharge. I had purchased a prepaid french sim card for my unlocked gsm phone (this was 2006 lol) I was calling fraud on the way back to the hostile. it took until xmas break my first semester of ndsu but the several hundred euro fraudulent charge eventually was dropped. 

that was my cognitive ability and problem solving alone at 18 on money i had earned and in a foreign country 4200 miles from where i grew up. 

The ultimate depravity and malice to brain damage as an alternative that maple grove pd officers like Sargent hanson show is in running with the concept i might not have ever been able to care for myself while excusing fellony level theft and enforcing human trafficking like conditions

if i read right hes something like 5 years my jr and was in middle school possibly still flicking buggers(or worse) and what ever one does with or with out cows durin a wi summer break ne of sparta while the events described above went down. He makes it etrteamly personal so im returning the favor. he does so off one sided hear say and refusal to take the other side while helping destroy evidence and personal property needed for life, earned by the work the lie he was told doesn't recognize.  "THEY DONT OWE YOU ANYTHING" "THEY GIVE YOU ENOUGH/HAVE GIVEN"

RTelatively sure my parents told them : hes never left home and never had a job. 

the only job I saw listed on linkden for rorey mmbop is mgpd. doesnt mean its the only one hes had but sargent isnt the entry rank is it? plus idk voice in my head said he isnt even a cop and like him i dont want to acknowledge anything else. but linkden is real and i made up that voice for the purpose of this trope. 

giving linden the benefit of the doubt :D the year before the summer i spent backpacking at 18 I was taking care of 4 metro area small businesses IT needs, 2 dozen homes for the same. $75 for the first hr 30-35 an hrs after. maple grove law office, Plymouth accounting office, print and engraving shop by university billiards (cant remember the city, i only went there for that client or pool) and a car dealership in rogers. Thats with out name dropping. I had a regular for my age (if not half good pay for anyone with out a degree) telemarketing position earning 11 an hr and commission. it was refinancing home loans. had i known what was coming in 08...who knows because one thing an 18 year old probably cant see... what the fuck an ARM is going to do in a market crash. 

back to generalized what should be different... none of those officers is going to let me take and destroy all their tangible assets. I can think of a way to bar them access the length of a battery pack and with out personally going near a house or rental property. thats not the point. the point is police above the law making decisions only changeable in court while covering crimes by not allowing them reported... well if nothing criminal activity wise or police orderwise could prevent a person from reaching court then there isnt an issue right? glad thats settled. also glad that court decision in the 60s had the foresight to place an exception for "police could not order you away from court" ... wait it didnt. but the only legal way to challange an unlawful order is in civil court. 

but hey, they will answer this or someone other nar do well with "but but  but they wouldnt do that" 

thats not enough the system is broken to the point its homicidal and makes the swindle in Paris look like a gold standard of ethics in comparison. 

Police have 0 obligation to your life or protecting it. they must protect society or more than one person but in light of the reality that some acts both criminal and life endangering can be overlooked with no fault or protected by the police and both protect and the citizens/plural is all ambigious the ways out of/protected at all status becomes so wholy im having a real hard time avoiding a alterboy or priest joke here.

worse yet what you find as a victim of DV is DV according to the national hotline is IPV. as far as helping anyone caught in it, theres two criteria: bellow your belt must be an inny. the object objectifying you must have an outty and be a partner or so. which is kinda sick because they make an effort to token mention the children harmed and currsory psych research into what abusers and cluster b parents do to their childrens odds...let alone what they will do to try to control a person and esp what they have been known to do to their children. I lay more ethical loads in the toilet than how that is all set up. 

its a pass the buck where police only want to enfiorce civil things anywhere they can (family members roommates anything that quialifies for ofp) but will tell you everything is civil when criminal actions occur while tryi8ng to paint you in to criteria of DV...er... then look a little deeper and find, oh, fedral funding to states for police and courts targeting men and its from "the office of violence against women" 

then you scratch you head and go didnt that college course teach that sexism and racism are systemic and only white on minority and men on women (but not like the catholic joke, if thats happening its not a joking matter, its not a joking matter because the mere claim means funding from fed gov for state) wozer am i cynical. which should be an accomplishment, look even further and most mass violence victims arnt mentally ill. are not. yet documents for the local govs advise controlling the story by having friends at local media and basicly drug the shit out of the person who lost it(anti psychotics and sedatives ) while having media in the back pocket incase you cant drug your victim before it occurs. cause like all of this is better than delivering the bare min of equal protection under law that may prevent this? i suppose... health care is high margin profit wise. no stints and gause, just 15 min drug checkups monthly. tax corps with wealth they pick a new state, just imagine if you could court order them patients as corp welfare to give them a reason to stay in mn or even the country. the worst part is also the best part. most people involved are good people and dont connect the dots. which offers some protection in the form of most dont want to hurt others but the definition of hurt is getting pretty blurry and perhaps the most terrifying traumatic and harmful is when someone wont take your word they are hurting and the criteria to land you there was subjective on its best day. 

General Changes for a Non bait and Switch System

when police enforce unpaid forced labor under human trafficking conditions, citizen gets the switch for the duration the police cracked it. damn it i was going to give up sarcasm..meh im only half joking. phrase of the times is: fuck around and find out but i digress

  • External Audits and Oversight of law enforcement. Preferably by an agency with the power to at least temporarily hault ongoing actions. They should handle complaints as well. Minnesota takes conflict of interest to a new level because not only is the complaint filed with the agency that caused the complaint but if found non valid criminal charges may be brought against party complaining. From what I've seen police have free range of power to put you in a position where affording or even contacting and maintaining contact with the lawyer may be very difficult. Yet the advice is in Minnesota contact a lawyer instead of just filing a complaint.
  • Police Report Ticket Management system that links non emergency and or 911 call audio to db with any reports generated. Should also link recordings by officer (s) worn recording gear and squad dash cams.I wouldnt doubt there is a ticket management for the calls but im not privy. This as I describe i can see resistance to. Also i think it's the only ethical route forward. A call doesn't have to trigger investigation but needs to be accurately recorded /documented for linking cold cases and the fact many stats seem to be drawn from police report numbers. If police can selectively disallow and no evidence exists they at best skew data at worst can drive their own demand. The resistance o see is partly because such a database would enable objective low error analysis of discrimination.When there's Federal funding for certain crimes conflict of interest groups in once again. Especially when things like mission statements suggest enforcement is done equally or the image is painted that protecting life is the primary goal.
  • Equal Access to enforcement by party/no discrimination on any demographic except perhaps citizenship. Same time I've had police in other countries go above and beyond and we should probably extend that to visiting foreign Nationals as well.
  • Law against discriminating  by demographic by law makers and courts.
  • Define order of operations in enforcement. The current theory is law enforcement needs to be able to overlook some things or the small fish to catch the big fish. That's probably true except without mandated and or as I described above reporting and storing of those reports with tie-ins to what happened on the scene, it's just as usable to cover mistakes by law enforcement. Worse yet it can put the claim of protecting life at odds with covering ass and or crimes that may offer financial incentive in many forms for state or department. I civil asset foriture to violence against women grants money from fedral gov.
  •  system needs to enforce it's laws and departments mission statements on the enforcers. This is along the lines of without negative consequence for violating those that would have no reason not to. Or it might even enhance their career path. Without enforced consequence things like mission statements might as well be propaganda. Criminal and or civil penalties for police and or courts found violating discrimination laws or endangering lives with trial as an option to adjust for the "biggies" kinda like when Minneapolis pd plays murderous coach and doesnt just call huddle up but forces a knee. This shouldn't require the party injured to act. If police can separate you from all assets and selectively discriminate on enforcement even before a Court decision it's easy to see a party might not be in a position to hire a lawyer.
  • Objective explicit criteria for determining violation of laws with additional subjective possible after. this still doesnt make enforcement mandatory but it allows one to know if in violation. In researching I found Minnesota is almost notorious for how much is left up to a judge vs explicit definition. 
  • law makers must strip old laws/audit the books.  1) we pay them for what? 2) kinda like Horder theory if you haven't used it in so long toss it. When not done with law it's sort of a list of obsecure ways to make you a criminal if we want to.
  • A clear line between civil and criminal charges and police activity. Currently things like an ofp are extreme oddities in law. there is no statute of limitations limiting when you may file them and you may file almost against anyone at any time. The person you file against if the court accepts the petition will have if I remember correctly at Max 6 days notice. Well that's all well and good except what happens when the police have been acting to keep them separated from the evidence they need in that extremely short notice trial? It seems Minnesota has pushed to make this pass without even requirements for the other party to be seen in court. the real danger is it creates an Express to criminal charge without re-evaluation of if civil act was passed based on criminal merit or standards of evidence. It creates a criminal off of civil standards of evidence. I don't find this very acceptable. Maybe I don't matter though. I do think the lesson in need for standards of evidence objective standards is as much written in blood as what the ofp claims if saves in blood. To support this I'll try to find what I have in the past which was studies indicating police usually don't show up quick enough to prevent anyone dead set on hurting you.I found there might be financial incentive for the rest of the men once this is past which would make it incredibly discriminatory. Not just or not at all state it discrimination but if the arrest for men in violation against women is higher than it probably points to the fact that the monetary incentive is influencing the existence of this law let alone the execution regardless of how neutral it claims to be.

  • If any branch of law wants to require psych services as a sentence law needs to be in line with not causing the issues it sentences for. I doubt many are aware but in 1944 Minnesota did a probably  first-of-its-kind study on the effects of malnutrition and starvation on the body and mind.if you wish to look into it it was referred to as the Minnesota starvation experiment. It was done to determine how to best help people rationed or in concentration camps during world war II recover. It was done with conscientious objectors that volunteered to help the efforts in other ways. the effects were so severe that during the recovery phase some people amputated their own limbs. Flash forward to modern times end hearsay is enough for the police to order you to a mental ward even if for 3 months they've kept you from all of your kitchen stuff or your normal diet and normal routine this is pretty unacceptable. Furthermore if one gets out and calls I'm going to start a bar association I wouldn't doubt they hear what I did: no one touches these cases. At very least we should be honest and straightforward if you move to Minnesota you may be detained for 3 to 5 days based on no criteria whatsoever outside of what the law specifies on the books.I'm not sure if it actually passed but I noticed in 2020 there was some effort by the attorney general to prohibit RX kickbacks statewide. If this didn't pass conflict of interest becomes major because your jailer can literally get a bonus for drugging you while you're detained. Psychiatric medicine has this good and bad aspect where it's unlikely to kill you, except if it screws you off worse and then you are facing commitment or court-ordered mental health services... That's great for the books and the bottom line of the company providing it but not much else except maybe Minnesota retaining that corporation but the parallels to slavery did kind of nasty. Many if not most of those medicines are not something you're supposed to bounce on and bounce off of. I have a friend with a medical PhD who simplifies at to don't screw with neurochemistry unless it's absolutely necessary or basically don't fix this if it ain't broke.effect that on a 3 to 5 day hold we would prescribe that at all seems to be out of line with medical clinical ethics. Pretty much everyone I talked to in the u of m Riverside inpatient Ward was on Seroquel.if you look into it that drug comes up an awfull lot within that organization and not in good context. More like Dan Markingson as a context. I do my homework. Help so much exposure I've had the medical world. I would think many would be blindsided by the lexicon alone. But furthermore it said that between 100000 and 250000 Americans die every year due to medical error. We should probably take it more seriously when we are forcing them in front of doctors and the records created might be in error or for the financial benefit of the provider and or institution. we seem to assume time is unlimited for our citizens. There's no direct way to to contest let alone review what's on your medical record. You can file or call go online but usually need a release first and knowingly or otherwise you end up granting law enforcement access if you want to view your own records that may or may not allow a way to contest what's on them.most don't understand that HIPAA created some pretty big loopholes that only California has done anything about
  • if enforcers are able to lie, criteria needs to be specific as to in what areas and to what extent even if not public info or easily found by public. Theres two levels to the what i said vs what i intended him to hear (or her) game if not more and it doesnt preclude the officer is lying. but worse than that if they can threaten use of force to remove a calm person from a car for an illegal forced ride to a hospital where doc decides your paranoid and now you have a 72 hr hold... well pretty sure its fucked before that becuse isnt non compliance also a crime. 
  • Domestic violence enforcement needs an overhaul. corps and law enforcement officers get what's called arbitration. In fact statistics show there's three subpopulations in the society that have elevated rates of domestic violence. Those populations are police military and what you might not expect is lesbian. Don't get me wrong I support gay marriage. But I think this statistic turns the idea that domestic violence is causal by gender on its head. That's outside the point I was making though. Why is it we seek to even override the desire on a police report to arrest or press charges when the enforcers that carry out the arrest or the investigation are more likely to be committing this crime than the standard population. there is a Minneapolis officer who had 18 excessive force complaints in 9 years was fired on the 19th and rehired through arbitration on the taxpayers dime for a reason of long good work history. Now we have to assume not all of those might have been valid but there's also the possibility that could be far more that weren't reported. Minnesota has the ability to press criminal charges for filing was deemed as a false complaint report. That may deter some people from even trying. Either way if you beat 18 people your title is still probably officer, whereas if you're a civilian and someone female makes the fraudulent report or goes to civil court in files o FP your title is abuser and no real standard of evidence nor arbitration. this benefits lawyers and the courts possibly the police departments or state in general through Federal funding. It also could serve to destroy the middle class. it also erodes the concept that personal property has any value when at the same time the very same police might be arresting someone for stealing something $20 in value from a local business. I'm actually driving from example in 2019 Maple Grove police arrested a woman in the arbor lakes shopping center for stealing a bottle of wine.meanwhile by my best estimates so far about $43,000 in my personal property is still being destroyed. On top of that as I found out even when you try to present evidence to the police they don't want it.  it's like the boogeyman used as an excuse to override rights and protections and to endanger lives under the false pretense of saving them. Decent example of this is how long have we known that to heavy metals create altered mental States? What I'm referring to his lead and Mercury. Mad as a hatter and  and lead dumbangry. Either used as a poison or unknowingly ingested could be creating criminals. False accusations are just as likely.  What's really appalling is it was way more recently than you think that lead was banned from canned food seals. Before gender and race won the spotlight or became a tool of the pr machine it was known that those with the least economic means are mistreated the most by the court system and justice system in general. Think about that juxtaposes to canned food drives. There's some evidence that things like the toxins admitted by molds might alter mental States as well. Mycotoxins is the general term. There's also recent evidence showing they can decrease immune function.
  • Everything below here is placeholder for me later 
  •  go to detainment land or detainment land would you like a beating first? he tossed in a free search.3 mo into human traffic land. (notfacer hanson)
  • any modern system needs to incorporate psych in enforcement, monitary awards and court in general. I wake up screaming most days in a filthy bed next to where clyde died in an empty apt. clyde is in the freezer. Bonnie rabbits remains are held and have been threatened by paul and marlene who also claim to own me. cptsd for years to come but they  keep stealing felony amounts the police wont allow reported. soo more likely to die in shit hole that have anything i worked to acomplish. its a waste. 
  • diet is personal property dependant for most people (eating right and eating out is priced pretty high) that influences cognative state emotional inhebition likelyhood of revovery from infection/immune function, ability to learn (neuroplasticity)  all the way to how long you live and what you die of. while not everyone has tried to optomize this ever notice animals tend to know what they should eat or when they are sick? there is a degree of subconcious even in those who havent. plus mn bait and switch law covers personal property with real property
  • except maple grove pd arrests a woman for bottle of wine stolen in arbor lakes (2019) helps a mom and dad steal fellony amounts 3x while c ensoring reports
  • external audits might also catch cornoyism 

Am I Qualified?

Are you?
I hope so. Its by the people of for etc right? or was that buy? seriously though,we all need our brains in the on position. Off chance the world is dominated then the dark ages are coming for a long time. otherwise if absolute power isnt seized the us probably falls behind the likes of china but more so we beat eachother into the ground on this current path. 

try to think of what law should acomplish. while doing so put yourself in the shoes of someone accused of violating it. try to see where your bases are. equality? this currently isnt it cheif. its like a shell game of hide the rights and risks in the pebble under one of 3 shells or demographics. but its a hustle and the pebble gets smaller before its outright not there. 

I have no formal qualifications for writing this other than courses on software design. Which might not seem relevant except computers are logic-based. There are many methodologies for coding software but the key point is learning to think in terms of building a system and a lot of that focuses on use cases for the end user. It might not matter if im dead or regardless but iive been noticing law loves to promise it covers you protects you and will go so far as teaching you this and grading you on it from age 6 to 18. only to find out the use cases it works for you are next to non existent unless you are a protected class and have money. infact the enforcement branch may make sure someone else can take all your money then you may find yourself in need of a lawyer and or searching from the street with out any charges let alone convictions. 

meanwhile theres tons of undefined areas at least from the perspective of what the people are allowed to know. they could truly be undefined. there could be policy and or unwritten policy we arnt privy to and i dont find that congruent with the claims and conditioning the Minnesota and other state governments expose and condition

I likely have mathematics dyslexia and never finished my computer science degree. Calculus without a calculator on a timed test was not something I figured out how to pass. This is despite understanding what integrals and derivatives are.  thats said one of my professors for related courses had a PhD in computer science a masters in information systems and once made the statement that I was one of the brightest programers he had ever seen. School taught one form of object-oriented programming I have managed to teach myself the other in about a week. Class-based versus prototypal if you're curious. The thing about software design is it's not just coding it's edu in building systems and different methodologies to develop them to design requirements and or use cases for intended product. A government and how it executes law is very much a system.

Actually one needn't look far to find where the government has used programming to secure its protocols required for security in its systems. a good example of this would be selinux. S.E.= Security Enhanced  developedby the NSA to secure the Linux operating system for government and national defense use

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