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Mold Risk & Hospitals

I have repeatedly made the claim that maple grove police and now Hennepin county have not only overlooked obvious crimes like id theft, mail fraud, and check fraud, but less obviously like creating police enforced illegal imprisonment, forced labor and or human trafficking, but also stand behind a couple that endangered the lives of sick newborns while they kill their son. 

here are some links to provide substance to that claim:

Google Scholar Neonatal patients Immune compromised 

also relevant to my general health and more relevant with repeated forced exposure

vs 30 days hungy in 2019 and mostly quick trip diet due to unreliable transport and threats to fix their car and fix it faster or maybe all my stuff gets donated, recycled, sold

from this(note I had invested in stainless steal and silicone cook wear) .

to 2019 diet and current bellow

me in 2017

me a few days ago. aka 2020
my gut feels a bit like a constant tornado. my concentration is non existant. I'm blowing out

i face homelessness after 3 years lost to their issues and refusal to act by maplegrove pd, or acting in ways that created a major position of power exploited by paul and marlene wuethrich. with out legal custodial ship (which they dont have over me) the crimes that marlene and paul commit against me make it very hard to ever hope to get away from this. I was under the understanding that mail was protected due to fact that at 18 your word and more so signature is your legal bond. Mail is protected to enable contracts to be maintained with out driving/travel to the location of whom they are with. 

mgpd tries to paint this as the story of a  kid who never left the house when infact i moved out 2006. aka the year i graduated hs. the summer before i started ndsu I backpacked Europe for 45 days across 3 countries and called home once. I paid for that trip. I didnt call home because i needed money, I called home because i had a dream cosmos cat was sick. when i got back they told me he nearly died due to a kidney infection. 

when maple grove police respond to "i have calls recorded that indicate the dv report was backward and my mom was infact trying to kill me" and "they claim to own me", "the bar told me to stop them using false police reports as weapons to communicate they are unreliable witnesses" and that they are opening my mail, holding my mail, signing docs from my mail with my name and at least one check

with "if we put that on record we might be liable"," they can open anything that goes to their house" and "its not illegal to say you own someone"  

how likely is maple grove or anywhere in Hennepin to catch parents like the turpins in California? 

they had a 27 year old male among the victims. he was allowed to attend community college. though im sure his experience was much more intense and for a longer duration... im also sure if he had run away he wasnt running from 16 years of earned assets. 

but to amplify the issue the ofps now ensure my parents know where i live or more likely die in the next 2 years. 

at least in maple grove and Hennepin id say Minnesota has more of an illegal system than legal or justice system. 

i emailed the mayor about a month ago and received no response. I realize the strain the riots and covid are placing on the system. That doesnt excuse things like may 22 2020 mgpd not caring that parents had took my id while they activated the ofps and spoke to me through masks. 

4 mo past notice to vaycate due to having to clean the moldy car at this forced lease... no idea when eviction happens now that the ban is over... sure i can go to the dmv then once i get new id mailed go apply for snap...oh... see the issue there?

with the washer broken and only one form of id... im basically sitting on a filthy bed in filthy clothes in an empty apt with clyde rabbit in the freezer waiting to die. 

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