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Mold Resources

 I'll add more to this as I can.

 the key component that created the issues and dependency abused was Marlene and Paul ignoring the issue they created at their house

Mold is an integral part of this and also something not everyone in the medical community understands.

From what I've gathered doctors who graduated in the last 10 to 15 years might have received better training on it. That's still not 100% of them.

There's a gene we found that likely makes people much more susceptible to the adverse effects But regardless mold is capable of being toxic to any human. Which is a slight miss statement but probably better the layman believes it that way. At least it would match with the current trend.

What I mean is most molds on their own the sports can be allergenic but not toxic. that said the molds themselves can be little chemical factories of poison

over the time I have I'll try to add to this list of resources and curate a well-kept list for now here's a source of some info


Mold Can Spread:


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