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Mold Info and Resources

Here's a good source it covers one of the key points people react to it very differently. It can be a number of different things in multiple at once. Just because you don't experience it is severely as another person doesn't mean it's not hurting you

Knowledge in the medical community is really hit or miss by physician.

From what I've gathered doctors who graduated in the last 10 to 15 years might have received better training on it. That's still not 100% of them.

I think part of the issue is houses built end of the 80s through the 90s early 2000 are like mold time bombs a lot of the time. They probably know that at a higher level now and I theorize there might be a liability issue there which is why we don't see the info that science knows being popularized.

A lot of physicians think you have to be immunocompromised when we know that some of the secondary metabolites or poisons given off by molds can actually weaken your immune system. It's also a gene that some people have that probably makes them way worse off but this research is still more controversial

What isn't really controversial is it's well accepted in animals mold can weaken the immune system if not cripple it.

Actually there's probably more to it than that antibiotics and gut flora and oh my

there's a lot of liability to go wrong but also without antibiotics to be a lot of people dying to so hard to say.

if you Google the mold Gene you'll find what I'm talking about

but here's the thing we know mold  hurts people. Look up ergot poisoning. It's likely what caused the Salem witch trials. Effects are similar to LSD but far more toxic. It's the reason grain is washed in ammonia today

aflatoxin is another example we know it's no good

and would any doctor recommend you take the whole bottle of penicillin at once? Probably not guess what that is?

if you have an antibiotic allergy you probably have a mold allergy I'm not a doctor though so look into that on your own.

If anybody reading this has experienced fact that they have an above-average taste for mildew when other people can't detect it leave a comment down below.I don't know how I became aware of this but that's one thing I've always had. It's kind of awkward cuz it's like do you tell the person that just give you the drink or not.

over the time I have I'll try to add to this list of resources and curate a well-kept list for now here's a source of some info

Mold Can Spread:

Where to look?

If you're looking for mold in your home pipe access, outer walls, cold condensing surfaces. For instance in this apartment I'm in right now. The garage under it even though it's Minnesota winter every time the garage door is open even if it's frozen there's a burst of moisture that enters

the ceiling above it is the floor of apartments that are heated the hallway at the back of it is heated. I can't see what's in the ceiling but the back wall of the garage that borders the hallway is growing black mold up and down.

That's because as it approaches the warm hallway even though there's a wall in between there's a temperature gradient same with the roof or the floor of the unit above it

Either on the wallboard or on the inside is usually where it's going to go liquid water and this works kind of just the opposite if it's hot outside but it's usually outer walls and who hasn't seen a pipe sweat on a hot day. If you have little cabinets or some way to access behind tubs that's a good place to look.

If you pull up carpet you can look for rust on the nail strips.

I'm going to linked the mold guy that I like here at some point I used to have it but c'est la vie

Wood Lamp

Some fungus glows under a black light. Veterinary medicine, human medicine and forensics I'll use a tool called a Wood lamp. Here's one I built

For whatever reason it's now in police custody. Maybe Stearns county can't afford their own? Legitimate concern here but also a joke be careful when you play with it you don't want to go blind.


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