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Pre Ofps

 i moved back to my parent's house for reasons that turned out to be from their negligence with their house jan 2018 then 8 mo later and for a year and a half with first 6 months at 5 hotels with brief stay at impatient mental ward due to falsified police reports maple grove pd have enforced a 0 notice lock change eviction with next to 0 access to my things. 

the 6 months bounced between hotels on short to some decent length bookings but while knowing I had taken on a job with liability (online) and having left for an agreed 2 week stay max (only really having what was on my back and even my pet rabbits end up out of bounds with 0 notice) drained me of even ee bonds my grandmother had left in my name. much of which could have been saved if i knew they were going to pick an apt and force the 2nd lease they looked at then keep all my stuff still and steal what was bought after. 

but pre ofps i was forced to drive away from even public property outside that house with no legal precedent in a hazard to life moldy car i didn't have title to. 

aug 2019 I drove that forced labor death mobile to maple grove having talked to the bar hotline and being told to communicate unreliable witness to mgpd. I thought thats easy i have recorded calls indicating my parent's falsify police reports as weapons and the only report of dv in 32 years was my mom trying repeatedly to shove me over a railing then falsely reporting i got aggressive and shoved her across the room. 

I made it clear what im looking for is the false reports as weapons to stop. it seems to this day ...well get away with murder isnt actually far from.. but with out so much as a stern "hey can you stop"

what i got as a response was "if we put that on record we might be liable" 

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