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previous apts vs bio terrorist

I've been living in apartments since 2007. The only one that has ever been picked by Paul and Marlene was 2019

Furthermore though they've helped me move out a few times in the past that's mostly been friends and they have not ever helped set an apartment up. So what you see is what I made of my living spaces. Paul and Marlene alternate tactics between I'm violent when they're the ones physically assaulting and/or trying to murder me but reporting otherwise or otherwise they will say I'm incompetent or have never been able to manage myself. showing the desire to offer evidence otherwise I hope the pictures worth a thousand words

this is not a complete list by any means. just those I happened to find pics of.

Fargo 2011?
the night picture was one a different day but two ...taken because i had just switched to led lighting. 

I had two jobs when I bought the Wi-Fi lights. Also for as many people have bought a Philips hue or LIFX or the new cheaper  flicker prone alternatives I think it should probably be noted Paul and Marlene have them as in my bulbs above

and I seriously doubt a whole hell of a lot of people have used them to perform UV lithography in their living room let alone a dark room. LED light is incredibly narrow band usually about 10 nanometers bandwidth total. You could technically use any color but blue but red is the furthest away. UV lithography involves a film a photo sensitive film  most sensitive about 375nm off the top of my head red is like 600 mm so was kind of handy

Clyde didn't mind either
God I wish I had more pictures of Bonnie they're probably on the computer stolen April 2020

same living room as in red and multi-color but after agreement with my dad. the pic on the right was during the transition 

This was the etch tank for my lithography setup I built it out of plexiglass it only sat there like that for about 24 hours. As I constructed a wooden crate heavy enough where the only way it was going anywhere was if the balcony did I then lined it in plastic as well. Within it was also a pre rinse basin. You can't put cupric down the drain. You wouldn't want to but it's also illegal. As in it would eat the drain. Fortunately it's stable to a temperature I don't recall off the top of my head but was unlikely to ever be reached on the patio

2015 (I miss Bonnie and Clyde) 

next 3 st cloud

same apt from bedroom

Picture directly above is 2007 part of what makes this really sick like really you should probably f****** understand you support incest from the medical community that backs this or the law back in the medical community who knows but Maple Grove Police especially, is that by enabling this extra legal or ignored any crime on behalf of Marlene and Paul or parents in general if this is general is you force the person back into the child state that the parent who likely suffers a pathological psychology condition is trying to do anyway AKA go f*** yourself you incest supporters all the way back to your suburban homes and your own kids yish 🤮

Neighbors who now have a house. the ones who invited me out on my 30th only for emotionaly incest Paul to take the keys because he "had to protect me from the blizzard" 

not like I never stranded or wrecked in 8 years in Fargo driving in every snow storm. 

not like a few weeks before despite weekly trips to the bar with 2 sets of friends.. he wants my emotional support because he feel empty and doesn't have enough friends. 

usualy id give that except my keys were being hidden, battery disconnected tile key finder removed while they alternated between throwing my things away, hiding moldy basement etc if I managed to leave at all

I love u Bonnie 

new usb port coming up 2017

during conversion to shop

I'm so sorry. 


2017 this is all on the third floor of a building without an elevator had a few minutes of help from one friend and a day for another but this was mostly constructed after any help moving the shelves up to third floor be adding on part all of it was hauled by years truly


View from Fargo balcony.

The Cell They Picked 

If you look elsewhere or more recent photos rather this should at least be an indication I really tried here predictably under certain to fail artificial illegal restraints
That air mover fan did not start out a hep a air mover. I used my ability to construct with plexi and the miter saw they now stole I have improvised and tried to use every bit of my cunning to work within nasty condition s
I was using a lab bench power supply when I would kill the battery in the '09 Taurus at all of 5 amps that was nowhere near an efficient way to get it started again but it did work

Dial in 14.5 and wait about 45 minutes

 still can't get an answer on it Marlins Grandpa Martinson had type 2 diabetes but while saying she loves me and making veiled threats to throw away everything

 the times we had a discussion about how their needs to be at the humidifier or the desiccant beads I bought three times in my stuff in if they're going to keep in their garage she'd even hang up his date okay I'll put a humidifier in there if she doesn't understand that she's not qualified to be doing her job

 I could make it better if I put another hose but it's about the end of the season. right now it pushes room air out the one hose and that. A low pressure in the bedroom which sucks out air back in

 this was happening when I toured which is funny because I've barely turned the exhaust fan off since I moved in. I also run to 30 pint dehumidifiers 24/7 but I don't have control of the garage under me God Clyde rabbit should still be alive this is so fucked up

 I finally patched the hole behind my bed elbowed when I was 4 days hungry and my dad's denying that I'm hungry while I'm working on their car which is why I'm now blowing out black shit

hole behind bed

 my stolen by Paul welder


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