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State of Injustice

 I wouldn't have believed it.

What's the estimate for $10,000 for a civil court case is correct here's what that means if you live in Minnesota or many other states in the US but I can only speak for Minnesota and I'm speaking from personal experience

The police acting on hearsay can zero notice allow and enforce you locked out of everything you own

Order you off public property in front of where its stored

This could include your pets as well though there more living beings than things it did for me

So now you're being bounced between hotels if you're lucky or you're on the street

And based on the word of the person who initiated the lockout you're trying to work from a hotel in my case actually the third hotel on short notice

And the police haul YouTube a hospital for an emergency medical hold nothing to do with any behavior in the hotel or anything other than what the person now in charge of everything you own and your pets as indicated for the police

In the span of six months I was in three cities five hotels 14 rooms a hospital in a mental ward

One of my pets died Bonnie rabbit right after

Been forced to sign a lease under duress because police were still enforcing the zero notice lockout which occurred eight months after I had moved into the residence placing 43,000 by my best estimate of my personal property and tools keepsakes my to living rabbits well one at this point I'm sorry Bonnie

the nothing is giving back your in an empty apartment but you have the mold problem that caused all the issues in the moving back in the first place and the police are still keeping you from all of your things trying to build a record your violent don't care when you manage recorded confessions police reports have been used as weapons

What it boils down to is the police will help human traffic you the police will help forced labor not allow confessions of felony-level theft after the fact but admit that they might be liable if some of what you say is true

Basically you better be able to hold onto $10,000 no matter what in Minnesota or you might be executed by the police

Or find yourself involuntarily committed despite the fact that trauma causes all kinds of lifelong problems and the police might have been because of the trauma or just accessories to it basically if they can make you lose if they have another way to lock you up

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