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State of Things Returned (work in progress)

 Paul and Marlene try to paint me as a lot of things including freaking out over nothing even though the mold problem they had was massive no. Not only was it massively paid a professional to have it dealt with in at that time they put my stuff out in the worst possible environments to continue the growth of it.much of my stuff never needed to be exposed to it except for the fact that they spent eight months from the time I moved back in bleeding from the corners of the eyes to the time I left the hotel and they changed the lock they spent that time and three months more not having the problem dealt with.

then they use the fact that they had control of all of my assets to threaten I'm on the street with no ability to sell them let alone no notice I was going to be locked out spite the fact that $6,300 of services were rendered in the eight months that I live there after my mom and said she was my landlord. Not only that they picked an apartment with the worst possible criteria for dealing with the problem that already had mold growth. What I refer to is the relative humidity in this place frequently reaches 60% on days I don't run any water that's sort of the magic number for explosive mold growth.

spell frequently argued that it's my job to work to get my things back and ford the ability to clean them off.

but that doesn't even cover the nine months forced labor under those threats to my things and to the remains of and at the time one live animal that I had then remains of both.

this is insane to have to deal with on a day-to-day basis repeatedly. They steal to make sure I have no other option

They steal to impede progress. They steal to increase risk. Marlene is recorded admitting the conditions they force or threat to health and life. Marlene isn't an average mother in relevant context. She's a nurse practitioner or a medical expert. She's also recorded on this site for their back stating that I deserve it because I'm a man.

Swindle I believe is a crime in Minnesota using legal system conspiring to use the legal system to harm is a crime.theft of personal property is covered under theft of property in Minnesota law. It makes the explicit inclusion of personal property where is some states do not and there's a very real difference between real property and imaginary property as far as the law is concerned. Minnesota is a bit bait-and-switch though because as it appears they will not enforce most of what is on the books. Bonnie rabbits remains were sent by the United States postal service address to me at their residence below you can even see a picture of my dad basically breaking he opened her ashes and they still have her to this day

The pictures you see below are things I've recovered some of which have been stolen again by Marlene and Paul April 2020.I filed a police report with saint cloud PD and managed to get confessions of the theft record it but when I called to have the report amended the officer suggested I need a 3 to 5 day detainment or an emergency medical hold. He suggested they needed to meet to evaluate my mental state I've never seen such dirty tactics

That theft included my work station PC which is probably valued around $700 the software installed on it legally licensed and bought by my hours working one suite Adobe CS4 Master collection was a $2,000 purchase. Several other smaller legally licensed software suites are on it. the compound miter saw that I had bought probably a decade ago goes for 250 to replace and they stole a mid welderwhich for eight years before I had watched the price that category or that output power fluctuates between 400 and 600 US dollars. That puts it easily within felony theft in Minnesota


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