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Most important thing in my opinion while you interpret this story is not to rely on assumptions or first thought. 

An example would be parents wouldn't harm to create dependency. Parents wouldn't steal to create dependency.

Well it might not be the majority of parents it's faulty logic. Most people don't kill other people but we've still found it happens and saw benefit or need to make it illegal.

 or so we say.. my experiences with the police in the past 3 years are basically that if you pick the right person or do the right things to them first you can kill a person and it'll be recorded as a suicide

To anyone born in the last 30 years this might come as a surprise. But before we shifted Injustice to a racial issue it was known that the justice system in the police tend to be the least just the fewer the means of the individual period or in other words the less money you have the more likely you are to get fucked. 

In other countries this is more well known. Our obsession with politically correct ideas should be seen as the mind control it is but I have no expectation of that changing.

The sad truth whether you want to believe it in my case or not is if someone is born unfortunate enough to have family that doesn't know how to conceptualize their offsprings existence correctly let alone Independence or conceptualizes it as a threat if there's no interaction by law to the point where they can make you the homeless person on the street

We have a pretty nasty attack the victim a second time or victim blaming cycle going on. Create those who you prosecute .

 Short version:

they finished their house late 90s early 2000s when I was in elementary school in middle School. they made a decision to play general contractor and hire subcontractors period some of the work was done themselves. From what I learned from The Hired mold pro and later what my dad said it sounds like it was more than just the carpet there was probably a grading issue on one side of the house as well period but the primary issue was vapor barrier carpet pad and put it on top of vaper barrier cement slab sealer in the basement.

2001 we got a cat I named Cosmos after the heavens and my fascination with outer space body in this little guy who lit up the moment we made eye contact the first time.

2014 I suspected their house had a problem it turned into all of the threats that were later carried out in 2018. John's too crazy to leave I didn't intend to stay there more than a month between two cities that turned into about six.

I worked so hard once I got out of there that I forgot about what had happened. Cosmos cat ended up getting sick for the last time.

I was driving from St cloud to their Maple Grove home the few moments I could spare.often sleeping on that moldy carpet to return to my apt and work in St cloud in the morning

Cosmos died in my lap may 2017 shortly after all hell broke lose at my apt.

I had transfered their mold issue. 

They tried to convince me I had never been there in 2014 at first.

----++I need to finish this short version later. They have ensured for roughly 8mo starting in 2017 till now I still am alone dealing with their issues and often starving as a result .

It dawned on me why this is so hard. With the total draining financially, credit wise ,0 notice lock out eviction, physical relocation under threat, death of Bonnie Clyde and Cosmos, attempted murder, false police reports, mail fraud, check fraud, police misconduct, seperation  from tools needed to finish contracted work and the work itself.

It's so hard it should be illegal. Wait..

Besides the fact that if none of these laws are enforced by police there is no protection for autonomy individuality or ability for people to escape...

It comes down to work I didn't pick St cloud. I wanted to live in Monticello I had a plan for how to recover. But 9 months with mold car instead the main issue though is communication followed by most the time you don't have any of that happen but also most the time you don't move to a town and then look for work.

Short version: I'll finish this later.

Somebody screws up their house in 2002. Biological contamination that you first suspect in 2014.

Visiting in 2016-17 it takes out your apt. But not before 8mo bleeding 

So they invite you back say they are your landlord now.

 The mold issue is professionally confirmed (Jan 2018)  Confirmed to have started with home owners decision on carpet pad when finishing their basement on 2001

finally it's over right?

Nope, start taking car keys, disconnecting battery, saying to yelling I'm delusional. They will have me medicated for my delusions of mold, later changed to anger. Also funny cause there's like 3 different Marlene's that talk out loud to each other some days (observation while I lived there..technically still live there but I don't need a beating by police, the overlooked attempted murder check fraud mail fraud two physical assaults theft of everything and theft somemore has me years malnourished.)

Moving back to their place I'd a 51 mile move. I haven't been in Maple Grove much since 2006l

have you preform 6.3k skilled labor the issue is confirmed from their house right away..

2018-19 Empty Cell, Dead Friend, Bio Terrorism


Gaslighting and false police reports, destruction and hiding 


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